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Common Chiropractic Myths

Holistic methods of medical care are perhaps the most ancient and hazard-free methods of healthcare available today. Chiropractic care has the capability to treat and manage all medical and metabolic issues by absolutely natural methods. Most people prefer pharmacological (drugs) and surgical intervention over chiropractic and other modes of alternative medicine because of some baseless myths. A few of these myths are:

Myth #1:

Once you go to the chiropractor, must I always keep going?

Answer: False.   During the first few initial visits most patients are seen on a more regular basis. However, as they reach maximum chiropractic improvement, we allow patients to decide whether or not to continue with chiropractic care.  Some patients will do a regular schedule of treatments, usually 1 time a month, and some prefer to call in as needed. The choice is always up to the patient.


Myth #2:

Spinal Adjustments are dangerous and can cause a stroke.

To say that a manipulation is without risk would be false. Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest and effective forms of health care available. In reality, no form of health care is completely without risk. There are many risk factors for stroke that chiropractors take into consideration before manipulating their patients, including blood clotting problems, hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol, birth control pills, heart problems or blows to the head.

The best estimates are showing that the likelihood of stroke following an adjustment range somewhere between 1 in 15 million people to 1 in 2 million people. This is in the same likelihood as being struck by lightning. There is a small amount of correlation but NOT causation.

So, if you are still concerned about neck manipulation, be sure to speak to your Midland, Michigan chiropractor, James Dorais about any risk factors you may have. He will be more than happy to find other methods of treatment that suit your needs.

Myth #3:

Chiropractors are not doctors.

For the treatment or management of any remedy, people rely on a licensed medical doctor. There is a misconception in a lot of people that chiropractors are not real or certified doctors. This is not true. Like the average medical doctor, chiropractors study human anatomy, physiology and other medical subjects. A chiropractic student spends 4,485 hours in a classroom. Chiropractors are licensed practitioners and have thorough knowledge of basic spine anatomy and physiology. They take national and state level exams for evaluation of their skills and are licensed by state.

Myth #4:

Receiving a spinal adjustment is painful.

When you are in pain, you want something that quickly reduces that pain and discomfort. That is why pain killers are so popular. An adjustment is delivered by a highly skilled doctor with years of training and a lot of clinical experience. Rarely do patients experience discomfort as a direct result of the manipulation, but on occasion it may happen. Some minor complaints that have been noted include fatigue, local discomfort and headaches. As rare as this is, the patient should expect the discomfort to subside within 24-48 hours.

Myth #5:

Why should I bother going to a chiropractor? I can crack my own back.

Yes, you can "crack" your own back, but it is not a good idea. The chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is delivered to the joints that are dysfunctional and in need of manipulation by Dr. James Dorais, a highly trained doctor. Contact points and line of thrust are very important in the effectiveness and safety of an adjustment. When you "self crack" what happens most of the time is that you are "cracking" a joint or joints that are hypermobile and you are simply accentuating the instability of these joints instead of addressing the problem of your stiffness. Sometimes the easiest way is not always the right way.

So in summary, there are a number of other myths but most of the misconceptions hold no ground. Chiropractic therapy is not only cost-effective but is also more convenient and has no long term risks or side effects. Chiropractic helps the body to heal with natural and organic methods and improves overall health and fitness. Call your Midland, Michigan chiropractor, Dr. James Dorais today.